I live with my husband and daughter in a small flat in the north of the Netherlands. My husband and I have a dream of living on a homestead, and we a working hard to get there. We have a daughter that is currently going to primary school, two cats and three chickens. My husband has a company in the IT sector and I am working on getting my bachelor degree, next to being a full time mom. I am also trying to gain skills I’m going to need on our future homestead, like growing vegtables and caring for animals.

We live in a two bedroom apparment, with a small garden. Our appartment is located in the outskirts of the city, which means we can be outside the city and in a forrest in little time. I grow vegetables and herbs in the windowsill throughout the year, and in the garden in the summer. In the garden we keep chickens in a henhouse with a fenced coop, but once a day I let the chickens run free in the rest of the garden. We also have two cats, who help us with insect and stress control (and sometimes make certain some plants will not grow).

What I write is based on my expieriences, but I don’t know everything, and I can be wrong sometimes, I’m only human. I’m open for suggestions, profided it’s given respectfully.

All the photo’s used on this site are made by me, unless otherwise specified. Don’t use them without mentioning the source.